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Parrot Heads of the Riverbend 

A bit about myself; I just turned a happy young 50, wil be married to Ron aka Walter 33 years June 4, have one son Wade who is 25 and 3 cats whom I love dearly.


My friends are my family. I am an Accounts Receivable Supervisor at Crown Vision Center in Alton.


I love the ocean, gulf and any body of water actually.  We invested in another boat late fall and I am anxiously awaiting summertime to get out on it! I love white sand,  blue water and FLIP FLOPS!


My favorite saying is; LIVE LAUGH LOVE... I love a good margarita, regular and strawberry are my favorite.  I'm not partial though, I'll take a glass of sweet wine or a good boat drink any time!!  I enjoy scrapbooking, stamping, boating, reading a good book, traveling and fun times with friends! 


I got the bright idea of starting a Parrot Head club after attending a few Jimmy Buffett concerts of which we met some great people and then being around groups that were already sanctioned. 


After finding out what a PHC really does I decided that our community could use a fun group that wanted to do some good deeds in our own area.


I had met Kevin earlier that year and we had talked a lot about Jimmy Buffett and the concerts etc.  When I said I wanted to do it and asked Kevin if he was interested in starting it with me he was all over it.


I did the research, got the petition together we needed and with Kevin's help we had a informational meeting at the Grafton Winery to see how many people were interested.  It took off from there.  


My favorite part of being a Parrot Head is the PHUN you have helping others and meeting people who share the same passion. I have met a few friends who live quite the distance away but I love them so! 


My goal for the club has always been to be recognized as the group to call on in the area for helping others. I want when someone mentions the Parrot Heads of the Riverbend, everyone knows who we are, what we do and what we are about.  I truly want to leave this place a little better than we found it. 


Debbie " Lei-D "


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